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The SelectHub Awards Program

Before even landing on our site, vistors have validated their interest in your software category by completing a profile registration. Additional qualifying questions are asked of those who make direct inquiries about your product. 

Take advantage of a full range of qualified prospect interactions from general inquiries to specific requests about your product. With SelecHub, every visit and every page view is prequalified.

We validate buyer interest at every stepgiving you just the qualified leads!
Choose the leads you want to achieve your sales goals.

*Available on a first come, first served basis. Software product must be listed on the SelectHub Leaderboard (based on our analyst ratings).

How to be Considered

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Want to ensure your company is on our "Award Radar"? The easiest way to check is by going to the product directories your software should be listed and see if we have a profile created for you. 

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How the Award Program Works

With our inaugural software awards, SelectHub is taking a fresh approach.  After years of analysis and developing our own software selection platform, we realized we were in a unique position to recognize who truly deserves software awards. That "Who", we argue, is the people making the software, not just the company that employees them. To that end, we've set off to create some new rules around software awards:

  • Merit-Based
    The SelectHub Software Awards will be awarded exclusively on merit, based on the quality of the software and how well it meets its intended user's needs.

  • No "Pay to Play"
    SelectHub does not accept applications or nominations in order to keep our awards completely independent. As a consequence, vendors cannot pay to be considered. 

  • Multi-Faceted Criteria
    Awards criteria include user reviews, evaluations from our internal team of analysts, data from our software selection management platform, and feedback from Thought Leaders.

  • Detailed Recognition
    Every software has its strengths, so SelectHub awards are not only for overall award categories, but also provides best-in-class recognition.

With these awards, SelectHub provides end users with a true and accurate perspective of where excellence in software comes from - and the teams that got it there.