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Top Colocation Services 2015

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Viawest  Colocation Services

Security Personnel: "Multiple zones (at least 5) of increasing security. Use of biometrics for two-factor authentication. Turnstiles and man-traps to manage traffic flow and access and high-resolution video cameras throughout the data center (inside & outside)."

NaviSite Colocation Services

Hybrid space: "NaviSite Colocation Service allows customers to choose from variety of space options, be it standard space for typical IT equipment requirements or high-capacity space for higher-density blade servers."

Peak 10 Colocation Services

Redundant Power Feeds: "Peak 10 data center facilities provide redundant power distribution facility which ensures that the equipments of the customers receive continuous power supply."

Raised Floor: "Datapipe Colocation Service data center architecture supports raised floor cold plenum supply to provide uniform cooling distribution.

Datapipe Colocation Services

Century Link Colocation Services

Power Backup Via UPS/CPS Systems: "CenturyLink Colocation Services provides its customers a minimum of N+1 UPS redundancy and 100% power availability Service Level Agreement."

VerizonTerremark Colocation

Temperature Control: "Verizon Terremark Colocation service is based on ASHREA TC9.9 guidelines and guarantees a temperature between 18° and 27° Celsius 100% of the time."

Dimension Data Cloud Surround

Colocation With Cloud Computing: "Their Managed Cloud Platform (MCP) provides a secure and scalable cloud computing platform with a network-centric design with multiple layers of security for delivery of Computer-as-a-Service."

Colocation With Managed Hosting: "AT&T offers Managed Hosting services for hosting and managing the infrastructure supporting the customer's select applications, business units and regions to their entire infrastructure."

AT&T Colocation Hosting

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