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"...allows  everyone to intelligently see what they should be doing before they acquire new software"

Jamie Cutler - CIO

Professional requirements are just a click away.
Over 100 templates covering software, hardware, networks, telecom, telephony, and IT services.


Stay organized by centralizing all project information and communications on RequirementHub’s easy-to-use cloud platform.
Real-time collaboration lets you drive stakeholder consensus and ownership of requirements and final solution selectionor development project
Expert requirements templates, market research database and scorecards get you off to a flying start for even the most complex selection projects.


"Very easy to use and intuitive.
You guys have a great product!"

Easily create and prioritize professional IT requirements!

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2. Prioritize

Jump-start your project with built-in requirements templates for 100+ technology categories. Any new categories can be easily added.
Control requirements and priorities with
built-in role-based permission levels and
stakeholder tracking. Add custom
requirements easily.
Generate RFPs automatically with all
stakeholder and financial validation tracked
and accounted for. Then evaluate vendor
responses right in the system.

Save time and make better decisions
Get everything you need for professional IT requirementsquickly & easily!


Jamie Cutler

Very easy to use and intuitive. You guys have a great product!

Rob Meilen

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" What used to take us 4 weeks, can now be done in 2-3's a quantum leap in the evaluation and selection of IT products & services! "
Strategic Sourcing Manager - large financial services organization

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" This is very user friendly for requirements tracking. A simple explanation to the stakeholders is all that is necessary. I also appreciate that the stakeholder is given an invitation to join."
Janice Frisk - IT Business Analyst