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Microsoft BI

Geolocation Analysis: "Microsoft BI provides geolocation integration with SQL Server Geospatial engine and BING maps, to deliver an interactive and seamless geolocation analytical experience."

IBM Cognos BI

Financial Management: "From business intelligence to financial performance and strategy management to analytics applications, IBM Cognos can provide what an organization needs to become top ­performing and analytics­ driven."

Oracle BI

Threat/Fraud Detection: "Oracle BI provides fraud detection capabilities via interactive dashboards, drill down capabilities and ad hoc intelligent reporting. Oracle BI tracks losses, recoveries and settlements throughout the entire fraud lifecycle."

Interactive Visualizations: "Tableau Server provides users with a drag and drop interface to visualize any data, explore different views, and even combine multiple databases together with ease."

Tableau Server

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Storyboarding: "QlikView lets people create their own "data storyboard". The solution lays out all the major actions that occur when analysis is being performed by the users in the application."


Export Analytic Reports: "WebFOCUS provides users with highly flexible report output options, including HTML, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Flex, and Active Technology reports."


Mobile Access: "MicroStrategy Analytics Platform provides mobile access to its users. Features include: high performance, offline access, maximum security, integrated transactions, and rich multimedia."

Top Analyst Review: "SAP’s BusinessObjects BI solution allows anyone, regardless of job function, to customize, and analyze BI data with little to no involvement from their own IT department."

SAP BusinessObjects

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