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Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), also known as computerized maintenance management information systems (CMMIS), is software that helps track an organization’s maintenance activities and operations. Maintenance teams use CMMS software to schedule and plan work; locate tools, parts and supplies; control inventory and labor resource; and manage assets.

CMMS Software Overview

  1. Inventory Control: The software can help track special order items; location of parts and materials; items which are stocked and not stocked; and movement of inventory, including items that move from one place to the other and items that move in or out of inventory. A computerized maintenance management system can also help provide information about the cost an item and the item’s substitute. Certain CMMS inventory control modules help maintenance team know what tools are available, track the movement of tools, manage the tool room and assign tools to workers.
  2. Work Order Tracking: Maintenance managers use the software to schedule work; determine the cost of tools, material and equipment; assign personnel; and analyze failure of equipment. The maintenance team can easily know the faulty equipment, source of the problem, and assign personnel to fix the problem. Once the problem is fixed, the person working on the issue confirms he has finished the assignment, and the manager is alerted automatically.
  3. Work Requests Tracking: Computerized maintenance management systems help track external work requests, including shower repairs for requested by tenants. The maintenance team can enter the work order number for the request automatically or manually. The work request module may track and record the completion of such work.
  4. Safety Management: CMMS help manage permits and documents safety plans and requirements, such as foreign material exclusion, confined space, lock-or tag-out procedures and electrical safety. Good CMMS software helps to track material safety data sheets for hazardous materials as well as ratings for flammability, health and reaction to emergencies.
  5. Asset Management and History: Maintenance management can CMMS packages to track or record an asset’s data, including purchase date, expected lifetime, warranty, specifications, maintenance activities and service history.Other information needed of a property that the software provides include service contracts, service history, additions, modifications and spare parts. Such information is usually recorded in the asset’s history log.
  6. Labor Resource Management and Scheduling of Work: The computer systems help record maintenance personnel’s data, such as their skills, qualifications, job categories, work history and labor rates.CMMS may come with modules that aid in scheduling preventive programs, including authenticating and tracking preventive maintenance extensions with adjustments to next due date and generating preventive maintenance work orders. The software also schedule repetitive work and sends time-based reminders to people responsible.

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