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Lead Sample

 Here is a recent qualified lead for a vendor partner.   It will give you an idea of the type of HQLs we would provide to your team.

Company Overview:
The company is in the pharmaceutical industry and handles the research, manufacturing, and distribution of pharmaceuticals.
Current Methods:
They have several internal systems and use Tableau and Spotfire.
Pain Points/Reason for Change:
They do not have a centralized system to run standard ad hoc reports. Another big issue they are coming across is it is hard to pull data from the multiple different data warehouses they work with.
Key Features:
The new tool needs to handle custom dashboards and reports, predictive analytics and data mining. The buyer stated that the most important feature of all is ETL. The new system needs to pull data from multiple different data sources ranging from SQL to AWS and more. The system will be deployed in the states and they may need international access but this has yet to be confirmed. The buyer also stated that they need to have the ability to not mix data when it comes to countries or specific accounts so they can stay in compliance. 
20-60 admins
Open to both cloud and on-premise solutions.
Leeanna is open to a six-figure spend.
Vendors Evaluated:
Spotfire and Tableau.
4 months
Best Time to Follow-up:
Contact can be hit or miss depending on the day but seems as right before lunch works best.
Contact will do most of the legwork on reviewing the systems and then will present to a group of managers to then approve the spend.
Her son is touring Duke later in the week, her alma mater, so she will out of the office after tomorrow till next week.   
- Rachael Hoerauf, Online Marketing Lead at Oracle + NetSuite

"SelectHub is an essential piece of our marketing mix, helping us to capture the right buyers for our target markets. SelectHub arms our sales teams with critical project information to go confidently into prospecting calls. This, combined with an unparalleled level of quality, has resulted in higher conversion rates and closed revenue for our company."